BTS TC - Euronégo 2018 à l'IUT d'Illkirch

EuroNego 2018- IUT Robert Schuman: That was a great experience, we would like to do it again next year! :)


Participants : 8 students from our BTS TC1 and TC2              When : Friday, January 12th 

What : Negotiating in English and German, with other students from Alsace


For the €uronego in English, we went to the IUT of Illkirch for a negotiation session. The product we had to sell was chocolate. We were with 2 teachers, Miss Weisbecker and Miss Nguyen, and 8 students from our college.


We started to visit the area in the morning. There was a breakfast and the students of the IUT welcomed us warmly. They explained the programme of the day, and our schedule.

We started our negotiation at 10:20 a.m, that was pretty good and we sold 100 medallions in chocolate for $3000 but the 2 judges didn’t buy our story in chocolate.

After the others passage of our fellow students, we saw all the activities which were proposed in the IUT, like Fifa, make up or hairstyle for example

At noon, we ate with the other BTS students from Alsace, that was nice because we could speak with them about their courses.

In the afternoon, there was the awards ceremony for the winners of all the negotiation.

The results were presented in an amphitheatre. There were prizes for the best negotiations, for different languages, there was Spanish, German, French and English. To entertain the audience, there were a magician, a singer and to award the prize for German, the ambassador of this country, Herr Gerhard Küntzle, was present.

Gerhard Küntzle and Bernard Lickel (the director of the IUT) spoke to the students about the importance of foreign languages and Franco-German friendship.


We were happy to take part in this event, we did not win, but we had the opportunity of meeting different students  (from the IUT and other BTS). It was a good experience to practice the English negotiation and German negotiation with the different people.



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